Pacari stands for the highest quality organic chocolate from tree to bar. The company has consistently been granted International Chocolate Gold Awards since 2012. This family owned company has been working since 2002 with small cacao growers combining their passion for sustainable business and their commitment to preserving the Arriba Nacional cacao –the finest of the world, which originated from a plant native to Ecuador that yields a bean classified as “Fino de Aroma” known for its rich, pure taste, with complex fruity and floral notes.

Pacari searches for superior organic ingredients, only purchases from certified organic farms, and produces chocolate in small batches to highlight the exceptional flavor profile of the cacao bean. They exclusively use Fino de Aroma cacao.

The Ecuadorian company is committed to the ecosystem´s sustainability and concerned with the significant growth of non-organic agriculture, which can cause irreparable damage to the environment as well as the health of consumers and farm workers.

By working with traditional cacao growers, not plantations, Pacari seeks to protect the priceless (irreplaceable) genetic stock that is Ecuadorian cacao. On these small farms, the cacao trees have been growing and intermingling for hundreds of years. The cross pollination of cacao which occurs in the natural setting greatly reduces the possibility of a plague decimating the trees in Ecuador.

Much like seed banks that exist for other crops,supporting family farms in Ecuador ensures that there is genetic material that can be used in the event that a disease does affect cacao in other countries.


Pacari works directly with more than 3500 small-scale farmers from Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their products, paying a significant premium over market prices so that the producers capture sufficient value for their hard work and can continue their sustainable farming methods. They also directly sponsor and assist a number of community development projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Coastal regions.