About the product

  • CHAI TEA + GUAYUSA: this blend combines two ancestral teas: the Chai blend from India and Amazonian Guayusa Tea (replacing black tea) from the Amazon rainforest region. With ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and more spices we invite you to taste this tea blend and experience two ancestral flavours at once.
  • CAFFEINE AND ANTIOXIDANTS: Guayusa contains more natural caffeine than Yerba Mate and regular tea as well as double the antioxidants and chlorogenic acids of green tea. This gives Guayusa the ability to boost your productivity with all-day focused energy.
  • NO JITTERS / CRASH - HERBAL COFFEE SUBSTITUTE: Guayusa is rich in L-Theanine, this amino acid that improves cognitive function works in combination with the caffeine in Guayusa to prevent the jitters and crash commonly found in coffee and energy drinks.
  • JAGUAR ENERGY: Guayusa and the majestic Jaguar are both native to the Amazon Rainforest and retain a magical and mythical significance; "Jaguar Energy" aims to bring this to the world and its focus and energy bringing properties are ideal for work, study, sports and keeping energized and healthy.
  • OUR VALUE: Waykana's products are crafted using a unique process. We use no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or fillers. By purchasing this product you contribute and support local Amazonian indigenous families and the conservation of the Amazonian rainforest!

WAYKANA Amazon Chai Guayusa Tea Bags

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