After meeting Indigenous producers in several journeys to the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest, Demetrio Santander and Juan David Gomez found a common thought with these communities; sharing with the world a healthier life filled with energy by introducing this ancestral leaf, Guayusa.

Together they created a project called Waykana, which transmits the benefits of Guayusa leaf, while generating development for the indigenous farming communities in the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest.


Our Amazonian Guayusa is sourced from small family farms in rural indigenous communities. These communities have often not felt the benefits of economic growth and have been left behind. It was with the vision to positively impact these communities that Waykana was founded, and it is our mission to address the social problems in these communities and help them use the miracle leaf that is Guayusa to benefit them.

● By giving our producers the role of protagonists in the diffusion of Guayusa we keep the communities that produce Guayusa as those who benefit when you buy and Waykana Product.

● Listening to the issues and challenges these communities face is a key part of our work, and through this dialog we are able to develop business practices and social programs that bring about a positive change in these communities.

● Our social impact is one of the metrics that we evaluate our success as a social enterprise on. By making social impact not a side project but a central pillar to how we operate we want to empower these communities.